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Winter weather is here. For the past ten years, Rochester averages  96 inches of snow a year annually. All of that snow and ice results in slippery roads and slick surfaces. Making sure your driveway and walkways are safe and accessible is important. When it comes time to clear a path and remove the snow away from your hardscape, we don’t recommend using rock salt. Using a biodegradable de-icer can make your patio and walkway much safer for you and your family without harming the surface or surrounding environment.

Rock salt is intended for asphalt and should NOT be applied to walkways or patios, regardless of whether your hardscapes are natural stone, pavers, or concrete because it will damage them! It’s also not healthy for your surrounding plants. Like a car that has rusted from salty roads, your hardscape will corrode and discolor over time if you use salt.

Instead, use Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) products. These de-icers are biodegradable and will not harm the environment when used in small amounts. It is also much safer for your pets! We recommend using CMA products over rock salt.

Here are some additional tips for winter hardscape care:

  1. Pretreat your surface before it snows. This will prevent ice and snow from building up and helps you use less product in the long run.
  2. Use de-icer sparingly! Don’t allow the product to pile up.
  3. Always use a plastic shovel to avoid damaging your surface. Metal shovels can end up scraping your hardscape.
  4. Wash off any excess de-icer that remains after a snow or ice event.
  5. Most importantly, be safe and watch your step out there, especially in your driveway and at night!
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