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Is your old deck showing it’s age? Maybe it needs another coat of stain to bring it back to life or maybe a few of the boards are rotting or loose. Or worse yet- your kids are getting splinters in their feet from walking on the weathered wood.

If this is the case, it may be time to rethink and redesign your outdoor space! Millions of homes in America have an outdoor space in the backyard and a majority of them include a classic wooden deck, it’s basically an American tradition. But there is a modern trend replacing the old way of designing a backyard gathering space: paver patios.

Replacing an old wooden deck with a paver patio isn’t only an increasingly popular trend, it’s also an intelligent investment. A new patio will cost less, look better and be more enjoyable in the long run.

Here are four advantages to consider:

1. Less maintenance: As mentioned above, decks require a lot of maintenance: staining, cleaning, replacing damaged wood, etc. etc. A paver patio may require an occasional pressure washing or resealing but that’s a lot easier than dealing with hundreds of pieces of damaged wood.

2) Longer lasting: Pavers are highly weather-resistant and will hold up to the elements better than wood. This means less money spent on repair and maintenance over a period of several years. The long term value will override any short-term difference in cost.

3) Added Functionality: Have a hardscape surface gives you the ability to add extra features to your patio. These features could be added down the road of course! Some options include a stone fire pit, stone steps, or an outdoor kitchen. A fire pit creates a warm outdoor gathering place for the family — for obvious reasons, wooden decks aren’t a good fit for this. Stone steps can also be incorporated to add functionality and visual interest to your landscape design.

4) Customizable: match your personality with a range of styles and colors. Brick, stone and concrete pavers are now available in a range of styles and colors that can complement the exterior architecture of your home. Pavers can also be designed in a free-form manner that looks and feels more cohesive with the rest of your backyard.

Need a few more reasons to replace your wooden deck with a paver patio? Read through our customer testimonials or give us a call at 585-582-1212.