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It may seem like having the landscaping done at your house is a one time deal, but to keep a fresh and inviting look we recommend having it cleaned up at least once per year. Below are 5 reasons to clean up your lawn, walkways, and shrubbery.

1. Prevent Overgrowth: Your plants are always growing and usually in all directions. If they are left to their own, they can easily take over walkways or grow much larger than you had wanted. This can result in shadier areas and an increasingly cluttered look. Trim up the trees and shrubs often enough to keep a crisp and organized look.

2. Improve Home Value: Landscaping can increase the value of your home by tens of thousands of dollars immediately. Unlike interior projects, the value of landscaping does not depreciate, as long as it is kept up. Also, having a cleaned-up exterior gives buyers the impression that the interior has been just as well maintained.

3. Improve House Appearance: When the perennials and shrubs are overgrown, the house can appear smaller. They can hide the structure of the home so that the foundation of the house disappears. Visitors won’t see the building and its design when an overgrown hedge is drawing everyone’s eye instead.

4. Repair After Winter: We all know how bad Rochester winters can be. Your landscaping is surely not immune to the cold, snow and wind. Giving your lawn and garden a quick pick-me-up will help it recover and prepare to flourish throughout the spring and summer.

5. Cheaper Option: Skipping a year of clean up might sound like a money-saving technique but it’s actually more expensive if you wait to prune your shrubs. The longer you wait, the more that will have to be done the following year. You are better off keeping up with the landscaping every year rather than putting it off.

To avoid a neglected and uninviting look to your home, have your landscaping maintained at least once per year. Call us today to be put on our lawn care maintenance schedule for the 2019 season!