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Innovating During Social Distancing

JOSH Landscape Co. is embracing new digital solutions to safely keep business moving smoothly. At this time, we are continuing to work, mainly remotely, and have placed a daily health and safety protocol into action. Safety and social distancing are critical. In order to stay in touch with clients, we are innovating the way we communicate. Instead of person to person meetings, we are conducting virtual consultations and video design reviews. Additional innovations include DocuSign for e-signatures on documents and remote screen sharing for digital design reviews. These tools allow us to go over every detail and meet all of your needs without skipping a beat.

Using video calls now allows our designers to deliver a personalized experience remotely. It helps us remain focused on collaboration and conversation with every client. The design and build process can take weeks or even months so it is vital that we are to effectively communicate without missing a single detail. So far our design team has conducted several virtual consultations via Zoom and they have all gone great. Needless to say, the value of video conferencing goes beyond social distancing and will continue to be an innovative part of Josh Landscape’s communication approach.

Virtual Consultations using Zoom

We are currently conducting virtual consultations and design reviews via a video solution called Zoom. If you’ve haven’t heard of Zoom by now it has taken the world by storm as the #1 video conferencing app. It is free, easy to use and is used worldwide. People utilize video communication every day so we at Josh Landscape realized the value it would have for us and decided to fully embrace it. Chances are you have used some form of video chat yourself, whether that be FaceTime, Skype, Go To Meeting or Snapchat. The great thing about Zoom is that you can use it on your computer, phone or tablet AND you can conference with more than two people at one time.

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Having trouble with Zoom? Here are helpful links to get you set up:

We pledge to work safely with you in order to get through this time together, and we are looking forward to keeping your job on schedule and bringing your project to life! We hope everyone a safe and healthy 2020.

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