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paver patio revamp

Buying a home with an existing or outdated patio can be a headache, from drainage issues to a dated look that simply doesn’t match your personality. Over the summer, we finished re-designing and building a new hardscape for the Mitchell family. We talked to Katrina Mitchell about her experience with Josh Landscape Co. and what went into the transformation:

The Mitchell’s purchased a home built in the early 90s. That isn’t too old for a home by any means but the outdoor patio, original to the home, had naturally degraded over the years. The existing pavers had seen better days- they appeared discolored and outdated. They had also started to crumble and loosen. With two young children, who love swimming and playing outside, the loose pavers became a safety issue for the Mitchells. Additionally, the old patio sloped towards the house. A sloping surface leads to drainage issues and a flooded basement. This obviously caused damage to their house- not fun! It was decided. The old patio needed to go.

The Mitchell’s started looking around for Rochester companies that specialize in hardscaping and outdoor living space designs. A close family friend had recently had their backyard space redesigned and recommended the company they had hired, Josh Landscape Co.

Next, the Mitchell’s worked with Josh Landscape designer, Ann Hubregson, to explore potential materials and styles. They discussed several different designs and options for a new patio and landscaping. Katrina decided that they would select natural stone instead of manufactured stone. The improved quality of natural stone would last longer and look nicer.  Together, Anne and the Mitchell’s finalized a plan. Shortly after, Josh Landscape’s hardscape team got to work. Breaking ground in the fall, the old patio was completely torn out.

The result: a beautiful backyard oasis. The new stone surface is much safer for the kids, and for the house. When they play outside, the children don’t have to worry about loose stones crumbling under their feet. Much relief for their parents! When it rains, water flows into the newly installed drain so the Mitchell’s don’t have to worry about their basement flooding again (phew!). Josh Landscape Co. also installed new plantings to go along with the natural stone, creating a beautifully re-designed outdoor space for the family.

The process for a major outdoor project takes time but the wait is worth it in the end. Josh Landscape Co. works with its clients throughout the entire process. If you’re thinking about a major outdoor project and not sure where to start, give us a call and we’ll be able to work with you to find the right solution for you.

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