Looking to take your commercial property to the next level?

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to a commercial property. The Property needs to be well maintained, inviting, clean, lush and attractive to keep customers coming back- something Josh Landscape Co. knows firsthand.

Finding a company that is going to be proactive instead of reactive – approaching landscape maintenance services with attention to detail that eventually leads to reducing operating expenses is a challenge. High-traffic properties are constantly looking for ways to improve visitor experience, and that starts with the property’s landscape.

We offer landscape maintenance to condos, apartments complexes, HOA’s and retail properties. We are sought out because of our expertise with large-scale properties. We understand that retail properties must maintain a safe environment for our clients and their customers and tenants. We minimize any impact or inconvenience on customers and tenants while providing a first-class service.

A few of our commercial clients include The Woodcliff Hotel and Spa, Sagamore on East, Hill Cumorah Temple, REDCOM Laboratories, and Erie Station Village.

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