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It is important for all landscape maintenance crews to continue work as an essential business during this time. Some people may wonder why property maintenance workers are deemed essential. Start by imagining what your neighborhood would look like suddenly all landscape carer stopped. Grass and weeds would begin to overgrow. Insects, ticks, and pests would move in. Garbage would begin to compile. It wouldn’t be very pretty but’s more than just aesthetics. Here are six key reasons why landscape maintenance is essential:

Below are six key reasons landscape maintenance is essential:

1. As landscapers, we protect property (specifically green spaces) that could be a threat to public safety if left uncared for.

2. Spring cleanup is needed to remove and compost organic waste and prepare areas by removing debris so mowing and other essential services can be performed. Mulch and pre-emergents help to suppress weeds, which will limit the number of people needed out in the field over the coming weeks.

3. Morale and mental health can be adversely affected by poorly maintained green spaces.

4. The long term health of landscape areas can be impacted negatively by the lack of proper care. Plants need proper pruning at specific times of the year, lawns need to be mowed regularly to maintain good health. A lawn area that is left to grow for several weeks will take many more weeks to recover from delayed mowing.

5. Tallgrass areas can harbor insects and rodents, leading to the spread of other diseases like Lyme disease.

6. In terms of workflow, there are steps we need to complete now (cleanup, pruning, edging, mulching) so that we can focus on mowing operations when the weather warms up and the grass begins to grow.

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