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Spring Planting Design

Spring gives us little things to look forward to like the weather warming up, nature starting to bloom, and even a little rainstorm (as long as it isn’t snow). Suddenly you find yourself outside doing more and more outdoor activities around the house. By this time you may have noticed that your home needs a little TLC to revive it. Make it easy on yourself by writing down a spring cleaning list. Don’t worry we’re here to help!  We asked our design team for their spring tips for April landscaping and created a helpful list.

Keep in mind that we’re outdoor people so this list is focused on your lawn, plants, and garden…. you’re on your own for the inside stuff. Spring it on! 

Lawn Care:

* Time your crabgrass control with the forsythia blooms, not necessarily by the calendar
* Use sharp blades on your mower, and don’t cut the grass too short this early.
* Snow mold in lawns; hand rake out areas or patches of “dead” and matted grass that has a web of white/pinkish mold.
* Determine your soil ph for problematic lawns so adjustments can be made this season.
* Dehatch now for a healthy summer lawn! Dethatching removes a thick layer of decaying plant material so air, water, nutrients, and fertilizer can reach the soil better, plus your lawn can drain more effectively.

Garden Care:

* Cut down your grasses before they start coming up.
* Apply preen now while forsythia is blooming.
* Show your soil some love! Mulch your perennials before they come up.
* Wait to prune flowering shrubs until after they’re done flowering!
* April is an excellent time to straighten and level our private hedges- if you’ve been meaning to get around to managing deciduous hedges, burning bushes, etc. now is the time to cut them back.
* It is a great time, in general, to move shrubs and perennials around in the garden. The ground is soft and the weeds are already getting a head start so removing weeds and invasive plants is a great way to get ahead.

We know that some of our Spring tips are very specific and can be overwhelming if you’re not familiar with them. If you find that you don’t have the right tools or the time, give us a call and we can help you out.

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